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Didsbury Day!

Our Earp & Earper Hometown


Didsbury Day

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For many, the word carries bleak connotations. But for the Earps and for Earpers, it’s our hometown.

Have you ever wanted to walk where Wynonna walks?

Now is your chance!

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Purgatory, aka Didsbury, Alberta, Canada!

Earptopia Is Thrilled To Announce Didsbury Day!

Didsbury Day, an optional ticket add-on, will take place Thursday, 3 October 2024 and will last from approximately 7:30 am — 6 pm.


$300 CAD + tax and fees

*Tickets to Didsbury Day are not unlimited. Once maximum capacity is reached, no additional tickets will be available. All Earptopia 2024 products and offerings are subject to change.

Please be aware of accessibility issues for Didsbury Day PRIOR to ticket purchase. See our Didsbury Day Terms & Conditions listed below.

Featuring the Didsbury Showcase!


Photos from Wynonna Earp


Photos from Wynonna Earp

Didsbury Day Terms & Conditions

  • ALL sales are final and non-refundable. As with other tickets/credentials, tickets can be transferred to another attendee (if, for instance, they are sold by the ticket holder) by following the instructions in our FAQ for “If I am not able to attend, can I sell my bundle/ticket to someone else”: https://www.earptopia.com/frequently-asked-questions/#c39ee383654855923
  • Didsbury Day is a package and cannot be split into individual components.
  • While Earptopia will make every reasonable effort to ensure the listed items that are included in the ticket sale are, in fact, included, actual activities are subject to change.

    • The town of Didsbury is a rural small town.
    • While Earptopia will do its very best to accommodate all accessibility requests, there are limitations that cannot be overcome. Location and venue limitations exist. Earptopia does not guarantee that all accommodations can be made. Please contact info@earptopia.com with specific concerns and questions prior to purchasing a ticket.
    • The Didsbury Day experience is self-guided and will require significant walking. Please be aware that there is no transportation between the various locations and sites around town. All participants must get from location to location / site to site, on their own.
    • The charter busses are not wheelchair accessible. Patrons must be able to navigate 3 stairs.

    • It is vital to remember that we are guests (welcomed guests, but still guests) in the town of Didsbury. Citizens and businesses will be going about their regular Thursday routines.  At all times, please be courteous and respectful of everyone that lives there and of the town itself.
  • A Didsbury Day ticket is required to 1) get on the bus either to or from Didsbury 2) enter the Showcase and take photos with Showcase items, 3) take photos in front of controlled locations in Didsbury 4) partake in the Didsbury Day Luncheon 5) attend the Didsbury Day Presentation

    • AT NO TIME are you allowed to sit on or touch the Throne from The Garden. The Throne is made of a light, fragile material (essentially Styrofoam) that is painted. As such, to preserve The Throne, sitting on it and/or touching it are strictly prohibited. You will be asked to leave The Showcase without recourse or refund if you violate this rule.
    • AT NO TIME are you allowed to kiss any item. This is for health and safety reasons.
  • You are responsible for getting on the bus before the designated departure times at both the Hyatt for the trip to Didsbury and at Didsbury for the return trip to the Hyatt. The buses will leave ON TIME AS SCHEDULED.  If you are not on the bus on time and the bus departs, you will need to arrange your own transportation.
  • Cast members are not expected to be present at Didsbury Day.
  • While much of Didsbury has remained the same since filming, the town is a living town and Wynonna Earp did modify the appearance of some exteriors. As such, we cannot guarantee all buildings will appear the same as they do in the show.

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