We are pleased to announce the

Heritage Park Specialty Photo Ops Experience!


The Heritage Park Specialty Photo Ops Experience

will last from approximately
7:15 am — 12:30 pm
Friday, 4 October 2024.


$350 CAD + tax and fees

Please be aware of accessibility issues at the Wainwright Hotel PRIOR to ticket purchase. See our Heritage Park Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page.

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*The experience has a limited number of tickets available. This experience is a package and we cannot, for various reasons, split it up into component parts. All Earptopia 2024 products and offerings are subject to change.

If you have questions, we have options! Visit our FAQ , News feed, or Contact Us pages. You can also reach out via social media. And please do not hesitate to email info@earptopia.com anytime!

Have you ever wondered how amazing it would be to get your photo with a star of your favorite show at a location where they filmed?

Wonder no more!

Earptopia 2024 is thrilled to announce our Friday morning Specialty Photo Ops Experience!

This event will take place at the Wainwright Hotel in Heritage Park, Calgary — the location of the champagne party from Wynonna Earp Season 1, Episodes 12 & 13!


Photos from Wynonna Earp

As part of the package, you’ll get a duo photo with Melanie Scrofano & Emily Andras in the very location of the champagne party, located on the second level of the hotel. Additionally, you will get a duo photo with Dom Provost-Chalkley & Kat Barrell in front of the stairs Waverly descended, prompting Nicole to equate her to ‘a vision.’

But wait, there’s more!

In addition, Flett’s Blacksmith Shop, the location where the Blacksmith hung out and where Waverly married a skull, will be open for attendees to explore and take photos. AND… the back of the train depot where Wynonna and Dolls entered to find the revenant twins will also be available for photos.

Finally, the experience includes transportation from the convention hotel (the Hyatt Regency downtown Calgary) to Heritage Park and back, as well as a catered breakfast inside the Wainwright!

Wainwright Hotel

Photo courtesy the Wainwright Hotel

Heritage Park Terms & Conditions

  • ALL sales are final and non-refundable. As with other tickets/credentials, tickets can be transferred to another attendee (if, for instance, they are sold by the ticket holder) by following the instructions in our FAQ for “If I am not able to attend, can I sell my bundle/ticket to someone else”: https://www.earptopia.com/frequently-asked-questions/#c39ee383654855923
  • This experience is a package and we cannot for various reasons split it up into component parts.

    • The upper floor of the Wainwright Hotel is accessible ONLY by climbing a full staircase. If you are not able to navigate going both up and down a full set of stairs (approx. 16 – 20 steps) in a timely manner, please contact info@earptopia.com PRIOR to purchasing tickets.
    • The charter busses are not wheelchair accessible. Patrons must be able to navigate 3 stairs.
    • While Earptopia will do its very best to fulfill accessibility requests, we cannot and will not guarantee being able to accommodate everyone during this experience because of this venue’s limitations.
  • Every individual, regardless of age, who plans to enter Heritage Park must have a Specialty Photo Op Experience ticket.
  • You are responsible for getting on the bus before departure time at both the Hyatt for the trip to Heritage Park and at Heritage Park for the return trip to the Hyatt.
  • The buses will leave ON TIME AS SCHEDULED. If you are not on the bus on time and the bus departs, you will need to arrange your own transportation.
  • Up to two people can be in each photo. But please be aware of the item above that every individual who plans to enter Heritage Park must have a Specialty Photo Op Experience ticket. So, for example, you and your friend each have a Specialty Photo Op Experience ticket and you want to get a photo together – that’s great! In fact, you can get TWO together! For example, friend 1 can use their photo op and include Friend 2. Then Friend 2 can use their photo op and include Friend 1.
  • For these photo ops, due to time constraints, no elaborate poses will be allowed. We may have some pre-set poses you can choose from for both duo ops but assume, it will simply be you standing between or to the side of the guests. NO poses will be *on the stairs*; this is just too dangerous for both the cast and attendees.
  • Cast members are NOT expected to be dressed up / in costume; they will be in their regular clothing.
  • While much of the Wainwright has remained the same since filming these Wynonna Earp scenes 9 years ago, we cannot guarantee the décor will be as it was in the show.
  • Photo prints will be distributed back at the convention location (the Hyatt) by first thing Saturday morning (if not earlier).
  • While our photographers are the best and we expect everyone to be completely satisfied, please note that the photo you get is FINAL.  If, when you retrieve it back at the Hyatt, it is not to your liking (due to eyes closed or blocked face or any other reason) there is no way it can be retaken, nor will we be able to refund it.  It will be at Earptopia’s sole discretion whether the photo op will be replaced with a comparable one at the Hyatt.
Heritage Park

Photo courtesy Heritage Park

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