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Earptopia is thrilled to announce our Wynonna Earp guests to Calgary this October in 2024!

We hope your are as excited as we are about our line-up of amazing Guests who will be at Earptopia 2024! Guest information is released as soon as it’s available. We anticipate announcements continuing through the summer. We’ll let you know when the list is final.

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We cannot wait to welcome these amazing members of Wynonna Earp to Earptopia 2024!

Hover over or click on the guest images to learn more! Unless otherwise noted, all guests will be appearing all 3 days — Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Emily Andras | Showrunner

Without this guest, we wouldn’t be a part of this AMAZING found family of Earpers. Her pen is definitely mightier than Peacemaker as a sword!

Earptopia is humbled to announce that showrunner Emily Andras will be joining us in Calgary!

Melanie Scrofano | Actor | Wynonna Earp

You didn’t think we’d come to the home of Earp without Wynonna, right? Come “Make Your Peace” with THE girl in THE place where it happened.

Earptopia is ecstatic that Melanie Scrofano will be joining us in Calgary!

Dom Provost-Chalkley | Actor | Waverly Earp

No one has come further in their Earp journey than Waverly Earp. Before our very eyes, Waverly became a hero and a wife!

Earptopia is thrilled to announce that the shepherd of that journey, Dom Provost-Chalkley, is joining us in Calgary!

Kat Barrell | Actor | Nicole Haught

This next guest puts every Earper on RED ALERT on the regular. She’s the Angel’s Shield, the Sheriff of Purgatory, and everything she does is Haught — Nicole Haught.

Earptopia is boiling over with joy to announce that Kat Barrell is coming to Calgary!

Greg Lawson | Actor | Randy Nedley

Father figure, Sheriff, Quiz Master, avid fisherman, former puffball monster, cat lover (in more ways than one). Yes, Randy Nedley is many things, but most of all he is a beloved fixture in Purgatory and on Team Earp. We are excited he is now also a member of Team Earptopia!

Bust out your Hawaiian shirts and come hang with Greg Lawson in Calgary!

Kate Drummond | Actor | Agent Jeannie Lucado

Dust off those white pantsuits & get ready to party with everyone’s favorite BBD bada$$. Earptopia is losing it’s head in excitement that Agent Lucado is coming to Calgary!

Get your tickets & come hang with Kate Drummond in October!

Natascha Girgis | Actor | FRIDAY & SATURDAY ONLY
| Gus McCready

Tough love is her brand! As Aunt Gus, she never backed down from a fight.

Now, all the way from Miracles, Montana, joining us at her 1st con, Earptopia is happy to announce Natascha Girgis is coming to Calgary!

Dana Christina | Actor | Chrissy Nedley

Hang on to your eggplants — we are excited to announce that Chrissy Nedley will be in the building, y’all, making her fan convention debut at Earptopia!

Get hyped to meet Dana Christina this October in Calgary!

Charlotte Sullivan | Actor | Brigitte Hogback

She might have been the Ultimate Bridezilla as the Silk Witch, but we all know that Brigitte Hogback brings the awesome!

Earptopia has cast a spell of our own and we are thrilled to announce that Charlotte Sullivan will be joining us in Calgary in October!

Sarah Troyer | Actor | Kiersten Lesko

Hold those hazelnut lattes high with Kiersten Lesko! We are thrilled to announce she’s found a way to get off another bus to make her con debut at Earptopia!

Hop on the Buntline Express and don’t miss your chance to meet Sarah Troyer this October in Calgary!

Andrea Higgins | Music Supervisor  | SATURDAY ONLY | Earptopia Dance Party DJ

Saturday night at Earptopia is for dancing! Our next guest is a PRO at mixing the latest grooves. We are thrilled to announce that Andrea Higgins is coming to Calgary to be our DJ! Andrea is the owner of AHA Sound & Vision and spent time as the Music Supervisor for Wynonna Earp. If there is a song you love featured on the show, odds are Andrea picked it out! Andrea can be found on Instagram @andreahiggins.

Don’t forget your dancing shoes and join Andrea Higgins on Saturday at the Earptopia Dance Party!

Lindsey Ray / Olly Anna | Singer / Songwriter / Producer | SATURDAY ONLY | Earptopia Dance Party Special Guest

Are “Write My Story” and “Won’t Let Go” top picks in your Wynonna Earp playlist? If so, our next guest is definitely your jam! Earptopia is proud to announce that Lindsey Ray / Olly Anna will be our Dance Party Special Guest on Saturday! She can be found @LindseyRayMusic and @therealollyanna on X. And on Instagram @lindseyrayrayblue and @iamollyanna.

Go check out Lindsey Ray’s / Olly Anna’s music and be ready to sing your hearts out on Saturday!

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