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Categories: Earptopia 2024, News

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With A la Carte sales fast approaching, Earptopia would like to talk about Bundles.

There have been questions, requests for waitlists, and the misconception that the “I Am All In Bundle” and the “You Are Not Alone Bundle” are VIP tickets. Let us be clear, Earptopia has NO VIP tickets. We have fully embraced the “Everyone Welcome” creed and as such, we did not want to separate our attendees into tiers.

As we have mentioned before, all of the extras that are packaged together in the two bundles are available for purchase separately in the A La Carte sale. Like the Bundles, the number of each extra is limited. So, it is up to the purchaser which extra(s) they would like to attempt to purchase.

Why Have Bundles?

You might be asking yourself, “If there are no VIPs, then why have the bundles at all?” That’s a good and valid question. The whole point of the bundle is to provide the purchaser with a one stop shopping experience. If a person knew they wanted EVERYTHING that Earptopia has to offer, then their easiest ticket purchasing route was to try for a bundle. It was packaged for convenience. Based on the total number of tickets available versus the physical convention time available, Earptopia was unable to offer a bundle to everyone. It just isn’t feasibly possible.

So, what does that mean for people who weren’t able to purchase a bundle? Basically, it means that you are back in the fray for purchasing A La Carte items. If you want Primary Panel Seating or a No Waitlist Autograph, then that is what you should go for. The same holds true for any other A La Carte item. It is important to remember that Earpers are FAST! So, when the moment comes that the tickets go live, KNOW what you want to go for. If you take time to hem and haw, you may miss out on those extras. We anticipate they will sell out quickly.

What if I don’t get anything in A La Carte sales?

No worries, you will still have an AMAZING time at Earptopia. There will be autographs, photo ops, panel sessions, meet and greets, and everything else you’ve come to expect at a convention.

If there are no VIPs, then how are the autograph lines going to work? That’s simple, once you get called into the autograph room from the waitlist, you will be sorted into one of two lines: The Fast Pass line and the General Line. Having an Autograph Fast Pass will not get you bumped up to the top of the waitlist. There will be no boxes to check when signing up that indicates you have a Fast Pass. Everyone has an EQUAL chance of getting on the waitlist.

Now let’s talk about the Bundle Waitlist.

Earptopia is maintaining a bundle waitlist. People have been placed on the list in the order which their request was received. If you are on the waitlist, we have your name, your email, and the date and time which we received your request. If, and that’s a BIG IF, we are contacted by someone who wants to sell a bundle, the person currently at the top of the waitlist will be notified. An important point to remember is that Bundle holders are NOT required to re-sell their tickets using the waitlist. They can advertise and sell their pass completely on their own. So, what’s the brass tax of this story? Don’t wait on a bundle to come up for sale. If you want something on the A la Carte list, GO FOR IT. Earptopia does not anticipate there will be many (if any) bundles that come up for resale.

If you took the time to read this entire note, congratulations! We’re almost done. If all you did was skip down to the end, then here is the take home message:

  • Earptopia does not have any VIP passes.
  • Bundles merely contain extras that are also available in limited quantities for A la Carte purchase.
  • We want everyone to have the ABSOLUTE BEST time at our convention.
  • We hope to see YOU in Calgary in October.

The Earptopia Team